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Company Profile

ARUNARBAA HOLDING PTE LTD, SINGAPORE (AHPLS) is a privately held investment holding and management company with global presence. AHPLS is registered and headquartered in Singapore. AHPLS is committed to growing the profitability of our investments and increasing our presence across the globe. We are poised for long-term growth and global footprint.

At AHPLS we plan to invest over a billion dollars in various growth sectors worldwide by the end of year 2027. We will steer our subsidiaries, JVs, SPVs and collaborators to strategic growth and focus on the core business functions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve long term sustainable growth for our shareholders through creation of value by investing in growth sectors and businesses across the globe.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our Indian culture of non-violence. We firmly believe that no entity should be harmed in business. Therefore we value our relation with our shareholders, partners and collaborators.

  • Our people are our strength.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of integrity.
  • We have a vision and will to succeed.
  • We value consistent improvement and innovation.
  • We are fair and reasonable in all our dealings.
  • We take care of the well-being of the Society.

Core Team

Hitesh Shah

Chairman and CEO

Rajendra Yadav


Bhagi Nanda Sandilya

Global CSO

Bharat Merchant

President Commodities

Richard Groleau

Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey L. Winter

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Parker

Geologist Consultant

Dr. Suresh Walia

Advisor (Agriculture Initiatives)

Vijay Goel

Legal Advisor